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Piguet Galland

The Geneva private bank Piguet Galland has chosen WIDE for the implementation of its marketing ecosystem and the development of its digital business.

The project

Position the bank as a facilitator and a guide throughout the life of its clients.

Our role
  • Digital strategy
  • E-marketing
Creation of the concept « Life Project »

Added value: the concept can be rolled out in contextual marketing campaigns which are customized and closely linked to the media and digital consumption of the target. Each message, each touchpoint, each lever has been activated according to a specific target and to a precise moment in their lives: moving house, starting a company, retirement, divorce...Thanks to the use of behaviour and social data, our messages address prospects and clients to raise their awareness to a maximum on their favourite digital platform.

The results: a digital transformation involving advisers in the lead management processes. An optimized conversion tunnel.

3 months Conversion time to digital for a prospect

Significant business increase thanks to the acquisition of new clients through digital devices.

+ 60% engagement on social networks

We Create Continuous Relationship Experiences ! 

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