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Partnership with GTR Suite


Management of notices, reputation, and presence on search engines: WIDE becomes the exclusive distributor in Switzerland of GTR.

Affirming once again its leading position in the e-commerce field, WIDE I Switzerland became this morning the exclusive partner of GTR Suite in Switzerland.

The objective of this alliance: Maximising the local digital health of companies... But not only that!

How? By exploiting data from physical shops, digital data - proprietary or public - and by integrating them into decision-making, strategic and business-oriented tools.


Leader in the opinions market, with the reputation of physical shops and a strong technological interconnection with Google, GTR Suite is positioned as a business accelerator for all sectors combined.

The consumer goods, banking, insurance, sports, entertainment and luxury goods industries will be able to be supported by devices centred on their distribution network.


By putting the end customer at the heart of its reasoning and its ability to influence, by providing real creative solutions for embedding and a unique referencing capacity, WIDE is raising the importance of local e-commerce even further.

To sum up this new offer in 4 key words: Measurement - Commitment - Influence - Business.

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