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Les Transports Publics de la Région Lausannoise

360° marketing and communication mandate

The project

Global strategic support for 360° communication and marketing for the tl Customer Relations Department.
Design, production, and media coverage of more than 22 marketing campaigns over a period of 13 months.

Our role
  • Advice
  • Creative concept
  • Copywriting
  • Production
  • E-marketing
  • Project management

tl conceives, organizes, and ensures daily public transport solutions for 326,000 passengers within the Greater Lausanne Region.    

tl's mission is constantly evolving to address the current challenges and those of the future: the user, the passenger experience, and the business value of the traveller are now at the forefront of all issues. The Customer Relations Department is tl's organizational approach towards placing the client's interests at the heart of its strategy of providing excellence in mobility.   


3 campaigns
The strategy

"Today, more than ever, we find ourselves constantly torn between our desire to strive for a better world, without overly sacrificing our personal well-being."  All of the concepts and media measures implemented were inspired by this insight. They may take different forms, of course, yet they are a reflection of this famous paradox.  

A collective commitment: to live in harmony.  

The "us", public transport, society on the move, the "share", the "care", the ecology, the tl club to liven up the city.  

Individual realities: a natural necessity. 

The "I", the everyday reality, the pragmatic needs, the personalized support, and the application to make life easier.   

Bringing to life a collective commitment while supporting individual realities. 

Bringing to life a collective commitment while supporting individual realities.
print campaign
Creative design

During these times of social awareness and collective actions, tl invites and encourages us to take action, get involved, to move, and to encourage collective and individual action.   

A concept and an involved posture, in the city as well as in everything that gives this city its spirit. A call to action, to change, to common sense, and to desires... by simply making things better for myself and for others.   


Production 2021

Design, production, and media coverage of more than 20 offline and online marketing campaigns for all audiences: Internal, B2C, B2B, and B2B2C 

OOH print and digital display, social networks (Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Snapchat), SEA, owned support (site/App/NewsLetter/Vehicles), Radio, field actions (goodies distribution), bus adverts, façade covering, Point of sale, Landing page creation...  


A transition expected and welcomed by the clients  

Campaigns that are juxtaposed and decorate the city with their colors while maintaining a clarity in their messages and proven business effectiveness.  

An average ROI per campaign of 15%. 

We Create Continuous Relationship Experiences ! 

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