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Salomon INDEX.01

Design of a 360 communication campaign for the launch of the INDEX.01 shoe

The project

Salomon asked Wide Agency to help them promote their new recyclable running shoes.
We conceived a 360 visual campaign for Salomon’s physical stores, website and social medias platforms.

Our role
  • Creative concept
  • Content
  • Social Media

From running shoes to ski boot! Based on circular life principles, the INDEX.01 participate in reducing trash.
Like the INDEX.01’s concept, we chose a minimalist but poerful design, mixing type, flat and 3D motion graphics


We designed three videos capsules that put the main statements of the INDEX.01 into motion

  • Nø End : the shoe is made of recycled materials and is recyclable into a ski boot
  • Nø Compromise : while it is conceived to be sustainable, it’s still very cushionning
  • Nø Extra Materials : Salomon took everything non essential off. Just what is needed to make a very performent equipement

We also created a small loop that sums up the INDEX.01’s main concept: an uncluttered design that’s ready to be recycled !

In addition to the videos, we created movable graphic elements in order to cover all kind of ratios for screens, website, social medias or shelf displays and in-store advertising.

Thanks to a creative launch campaign, WIDE allows SALOMON to position itself as an actor of change in the design of recyclable footwear with a real environmental and social impact.

- 4,6KG CO2/air

- 40% energy waste

- 74% resources used

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