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State of Fribourg

Redesign of the platform

The project

Goals: consultations made easier on tablets and mobiles at all times, more visual content, a presentation structured by key topics, enhanced research features.
Over 300 persons participated in this revamping!

4 main axes informed the overall project.

User needs
The website has been designed with users’ needs in mind, in particular through the use of an internal and external UX analysis. Conclusions highlighted the fact that content needed to be structured to reflect key topics rather than according to a pre-established hierarchy. Thus, users can search for and find the information or the service they need, without having to be acquainted with the State’s internal way of functioning.

A clear editorial line
The 12 main categories have been selected by the users. The content-production process which needs to be more cross-cutting, has been reviewed. Contents now include more visuals.
The editorial committee, composed of the respective Heads of Information of the various departments, meets each week to define the editorial line. Consultation and satisfaction statistics will be regularly analysed in order to adapt content accordingly.

Developed for mobiles and tablets
The website has been designed with a “mobile first” approach. This means that we developed a mobile version first and then subsequently a version for desktops.
The focus has been designed around the use of keyword searches, using a new and more powerful search engine.
The site complies with the requirement of the Federal “Disability Discrimination Act »concerning the elimination of inequalities negatively affecting those with handicaps and allowing them ready access to internet sites. In due course, certification will be required.

The Blue Moléson Design

The brand guidelines have been modernised. The neutral and refined design, focusing on typography and content, aims at highlighting key elements. The unique colour, which serves to bring out the black and white representing the canton, is called Moléson Blue.
The blue-green colour reflects the lakes and rivers of the canton, the green of the meadows and the grey-blue of the vanils, our mountain peaks.

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