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Zenith Watches

Technological deployment and launch of 7 e-commerce websites for Zenith Watches.

The project

To make the Zenith Watches website a reference in the field of watchmaking, WIDE Switzerland has accompanied the brand and collaborated with an external advertising agency for the artistic direction of the site.

Our role
  • Advice
  • Digital strategy
  • User experience
  • Design
  • Creative tech
  • Back developer

  • Make digital technology a new lever for customer acquisition and customer relations
  • Place content at the heart of this new touchpoint
  • Create a digital experience that combines fluidity and performance
  • Make the site a reference in the world of watchmaking

A two-stage project 

The first stage led our teams to carry out a UX analysis of the hierarchisation of data, as well as the online sales experience. This analysis resulted in a strategic recommendation that has enabled Zenith Watches to deploy, within a single ecosystem, a platform of worldwide content and e-commerce for its most pertinent markets, i.e. Switzerland, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the USA.

The second stage was devoted to production. In particular, it involved the combination of three technologies that make this project a real feat in the world of UX design. 

  1. A Headless Prismic CMS that enables online content editing 
  2. High-performance e-commerce management with Magento 2
  3. Optimised PWA navigation, enabling users to browse the site in the same way as on a native or mobile application.

Discover the technical and technological backstage of the project!

Partially carried out remotely, the dialogue between the Zenith Watches teams and WIDE enabled us to meet an ambitious schedule.

We Create Continuous Relationship Experiences !