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CA Next Bank

In the context of the digitalisation of some of its banking products, CA Next Bank has launched, in collaboration with Wide, a concept and a marketing campaign engaging users to open a new account 100% online.

The project

Make CA Next Bank a bank close to the daily life of web-users.
Position the bank as a fashionable digital player.
Communicate on the USP of the “account opening” offer: accessible, quick and easy.

Our role
  • Creative concept
  • E-marketing
The strategy

In order to have an impact on web-users and to stand out in a relatively crowded market place, CA Next Bank decided to draw from the codes of the web-culture which resonate with the target.
Finally, this meant being present in the web-users’ daily lives by delivering a distinctive and dazzling marketing campaign calling on these cultural codes.

The concept: easy recipes

Building on the success of the « Tasty » recipes and of « DIY » with web-users, the challenge has been to adapt the process of account opening to the completion of an easy recipe.
From ingredients to preparation and cooking, each step relates to a food recipe.

Ecosystems and formats

Naturally, the marketing campaign hinges mainly on a video enticing the web-users to discover the easy recipe: account opening and redirection towards the dedicated landing page.
Leveraging on an endlessly reproducible concept, the video has also been used on banners, posts on social networks, and this on all the OWNED and PAID digital devices of the bank.

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