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Caribana Festival

The greatest of small festivals!

The project

Now in its third year running as partner for the Caribana Festival, WIDE has been chosen to provide the remix (re-design) of its official website: a Wordpress, a 3-month sprint to deliver, a deadline set by a press conference that had already gone live. A veritable rock ‘n roll project!

Our role
  • Digital strategy
  • Creative concept
  • User experience
  • Creative tech
Three challenges had been clearly identified in delivering an upgraded website

- Enhancing user experience       
- Creating a long-lasting design
- Designing an intuitive and dynamic means of navigation

User experience

A very clear initial observation: many sections, way too many calls to action…it was essential to clarify things for Caribana….and for the user!
First of all, the workshops we organised revealed the different aspects of the users’ experience and then guided Caribana and the web-site towards a much more efficient and user-friendly web architecture.

Detailed work on wireframing for maximum comfort: fixed filters when scrolling, artists’ portfolios providing access in just a few clicks to videos, information, a booking module and even the artists’ playlists… and above all, streamlining the highly complex existing pages.


The client’s need was very specific: develop a design that can be adapted each year to the particular edition’s creative guidelines without any need for supplementary developments.

This is when our Creative Directors came into play. By identifying the creative components that could be re-used from one edition to the next and those that would need to be changed, they came up with a harmonious, colourful, lively and very rock’n roll website.

Paying careful attention to detail, they worked on animated visuals, highlighting perfectly one of the festival’s strongest selling-points; its position right on the shores of the lake. The gentle, little waves make the web-surfers feel that they are right on the spot, their feet resting in the sand.

The greatest of small festivals!

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