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L'Illustré: It's time to open it!

WIDE designed and rolled out a 360 campaign for the relaunch of the iconic Swiss magazine.

The project

For over 100 years, l'Illustré has been the magazine of choice in French-speaking Switzerland. Faced with a decline in its readership, the agency was charged with designing and producing a
relaunch campaign. A unique communication strategy due to its social impact and marketing development.

Our role
  • Concept
  • Creation
  • Design
  • Advice
  • Production
Our objectives

  • To enhance the magazine's new editorial line
  • To rejuvenate the target audience
  • To generate a sense of community 
  • To create an interest in reading it 

c'est le moment de L'ouvrir gif

The idea behind the campaign was to enable the reader to become an integral part of today's Swiss society. A society moving with the times and increasingly making its opinions heard.

The relaunch campaign had to, therefore, be aligned with this trend by providing a forum for readers to express themselves. The slogan "it's time to open it" refers as much to the experience the glossy magazine offers as to the messaging that Swiss society sends through the Women's March and Climate Change demonstrations.

A 360 campaign, produced entirely by the agency, including TV and radio features, outdoor billboards, DOOH advertising on trams, buses plus 2 events in Lausanne and Geneva main stations. 

"Well done and an big THANK YOU to all the team at WIDE for their amazing work! Thank you for their attentiveness, creativity, flexibility, and most of all, their energy."
Madiha Favre, marketing director Ringier Axel Springer

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