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The Extraordinary Voyages Prize

WIDE celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Lombard Odier Foundation's Extraordinary Voyages Prize with a brand new website.

The project

Over the past 20 years, Lombard Odier has made it possible for around a hundred young people from French-speaking Switzerland to pursue their "Extraordinary Voyages" dreams, through ambitious projects, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures and histories. WIDE I Switzerland was entrusted with the website redesign.

Our role
  • Digital strategy
  • Creative concept
  • User experience
Desktop screenshots
Our objectives

  • To create a website better suited to its target audience: The younger generation
  • To provide streamlined content management
  • To offer smooth desktop and smartphone browsing
  • To enhance its reputation and gain visibility in French-speaking Switzerland
  • To promote the new visual identity

Take a look at the brand new website:

The Extraordinary Voyages Prize is open to young people in French-speaking Switzerland as they reach the end of their studies. The award is given to 5 winners from French-speaking Switzerland for the 5 trips that the jury find most appealing based on their meaning and content. Over the last 20 years, around a hundred youngsters have been able to set off on their own extraordinary journeys, thanks to the support provided by the Lombard Odier Foundation. The vast variety of destinations selected, truly reflects these young people's dreams and thirst for adventure. From exploring volcanoes in Iceland and Indonesia, to cycling across the United States or studying orangutans in Borneo, the award offers these young people the opportunity to experience their dream adventures throughout the world. We are able to track their journeys through articles and videos on social media and the website.

"The world is like a book and those who don't travel only read one page."
Saint Augustin

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